Electronic Cutting

Jacquart Fabric Products Cutting Department has two fully
computerized automated cutters, a Lectra 2500 multiple ply cutter and
an Eastman EC9 conveyor model, both running on Windows XP. On
both cutters the computer shows real time conditions of the marker
being cut, as well as command menus.

The two cutters have automated speed adjustment, so as to avoid the
fusing of different materials. They are both running on the Optitex
CAD system. We also have a Gerber plotter AP300.

Our automated cutters can cut with accuracy and repeatability to
within thousandths of an inch. We use advanced nesting software that
maximizes use of fabrics and minimizes expensive waste.

Jacquarts is truly on the cutting edge of technology.

Jacquart Fabric Products prides itself on a highly skilled workforce
trained in efficient and cost effective manufacturing procedures,
offering high quality products combined with on time delivery and has
poised itself for the 21st century.

With over 150 employees, large production facilities and state-of-the-
art equipment, many of our products are manufactured on-site and
proudly claim "Made in America".



Electronic Cutting